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Wolf fursuit head WIP 6 by ewan4me Wolf fursuit head WIP 6 :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 0 RIP Peter Sallis by ewan4me RIP Peter Sallis :iconewan4me:ewan4me 5 2 Rocket the Photographer by ewan4me Rocket the Photographer :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 1 Jake Man Collage by ewan4me Jake Man Collage :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 1 Thomas Minis Collection Updated by ewan4me Thomas Minis Collection Updated :iconewan4me:ewan4me 4 1 Danger Mouse Dreaming (Art Trade) by ewan4me Danger Mouse Dreaming (Art Trade) :iconewan4me:ewan4me 4 1 Andreas the Mid Sodor Engine by ewan4me Andreas the Mid Sodor Engine :iconewan4me:ewan4me 7 3 Greg Beaver Underwater by ewan4me Greg Beaver Underwater :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 1 Trackmaster Customs - Duke by ewan4me Trackmaster Customs - Duke :iconewan4me:ewan4me 5 4 Scuba Flash Trio (Art Trade) by ewan4me Scuba Flash Trio (Art Trade) :iconewan4me:ewan4me 4 2 Wolf fursuit head WIP 5 by ewan4me Wolf fursuit head WIP 5 :iconewan4me:ewan4me 0 1 Wolf fursuit head WIP 4 by ewan4me Wolf fursuit head WIP 4 :iconewan4me:ewan4me 0 0 Bruce Raccoon Underwater by ewan4me Bruce Raccoon Underwater :iconewan4me:ewan4me 4 1 Henry the Coyote by ewan4me Henry the Coyote :iconewan4me:ewan4me 2 2 Umut the Impala by ewan4me Umut the Impala :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 1 Smile for Pete Weasel 3 by ewan4me Smile for Pete Weasel 3 :iconewan4me:ewan4me 1 1


Finn the Kangaroo by KodyBoy555 Finn the Kangaroo :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 3 0 Lifeguard Lineup by BluebottleFlyer Lifeguard Lineup :iconbluebottleflyer:BluebottleFlyer 22 24 Travis the Otter by KodyBoy555 Travis the Otter :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 3 0 MSR No. 2s by TheHappyTruckShunter MSR No. 2s :iconthehappytruckshunter:TheHappyTruckShunter 24 25 Godred/Starstrider Timeline by steamdiesel Godred/Starstrider Timeline :iconsteamdiesel:steamdiesel 26 17 Greg Beaver Goes Diving by AnimationFanatic Greg Beaver Goes Diving :iconanimationfanatic:AnimationFanatic 3 1 Maurice the Raccoon by KodyBoy555 Maurice the Raccoon :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 3 0 Natural intruder by Jowybean Natural intruder :iconjowybean:Jowybean 360 19 Ingram the Weasel by KodyBoy555 Ingram the Weasel :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 3 0 .:Requested:. Greg the Beaver by ChipmunkSailor .:Requested:. Greg the Beaver :iconchipmunksailor:ChipmunkSailor 4 2 The Heart of Sherwood by Ziegelzeig The Heart of Sherwood :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 186 133 Superbun by UncleScooter Superbun :iconunclescooter:UncleScooter 76 43 Vance the Weasel by KodyBoy555 Vance the Weasel :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 2 2 Rain by francesca-ictbs Rain :iconfrancesca-ictbs:francesca-ictbs 136 30 Umut the Impala by KodyBoy555 Umut the Impala :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 2 2 Eric the Moose by KodyBoy555 Eric the Moose :iconkodyboy555:KodyBoy555 4 3


RIP Peter Sallis
Here is a Tribute to the Actor Peter Sallis who Passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 96.
Here is the Character he was most famous for voicing Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.

He was also Voiced in the show Wind in the Willows and He was Clegg in the Long Running Comedy Last of the Summer Wine.

Rest in Peace Peter Sallis 1921 - 2017

Wallace (c): Aardmann Animations
Rocket the Photographer
I'm Going off to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 Today.
So I've done another picture of my Favorite Character Rocket the Raccoon.
Who is taking Photographs with his Camera.

Rocket Raccoon ©: Marvel
Red Lantern ©: DC Comics
Thomas Minis Collection Updated
So Here is my Current Collection of Thomas the tank engine Minis.

I have:

Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Bertie, Troublesome Trucks X3, Duck, Diesel, Bill, Ben, Skarloey, Iron Bert, Diesel 10, Salty, Emily, Spencer, Stanley, Hiro, Victor,
Dash, Scruff, Belle, Flynn, Paxton, Luke, Millie, Stephen, Porter, Gator and Samson

Thomas (Gold), Thomas (Silver), Edward and Gordon

Thomas, Gordon, Percy, Bill, Spencer and Dash

James, Percy and Stephen

Edward, Henry, Toby, Charlie and Millie

Edward, Gordon, Skarloey, Paxton and Sidney

Henry, James, Toby, Iron Bert and Bash

Thomas, Percy, Diesel 10 and Spencer

Mono Chrome
Salty, Spencer, Scruff and Luke

Thomas, Edward (Black Adam), Henry (Green Arrow), James (Brainiac), Toby (Blue Beetle)
Emily (Wonder Woman), Rosie (Starfire), Victor (Hawk Man), Belle (Bat Girl) and Luke (Beast Boy)

Henry, Spencer and Hiro

Edward, Bill, Salty, Bash and Porter

Troublesome Trucks X3, Stanley, Dash, Gator and Samson

Core Moments
Thomas, James, Percy and Victor

Paxton and Luke

Skarloey and Ferdinand

Undersea Creatures
Ben, Iron Bert, Spencer and Gator

Percy and Hiro

Henry, Troublesome Truck and Samson

Night Time
Emily and Dash

Spencer and Scruff


Plush the Carry Case and a Spooky Playset


Burt Reindeer 1996
United Kingdom
Well My Name is Guy Knowles.

My Favorite Shows are: Thomas the tank engine (Pre 2002), Iggy Arbuckle, Garfield and Friends, South Park, Digimon, Pokemon, Fruits Basket, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, One Foot in the Grave, Blackadder, Young Ones, Sooty, Bob and Margaret, Sonic the Hedgehog (AOSTH, SatAM and Sonic Boom), Dog City, Franklin, Redwall, Tin Tin, Swat Kats, Tugs, Theodore Tugboat, Red Dwarf, Hey Arnold, Willy Fog, PB and J Otter, Busy World of Richard Scarry, Eek the Cat and the Terrible Thunderlizards, Duckman, Timon and Pumbaa, Budgie the Little Helicopter, Avenger Penguins, Romuald the Reindeer, Juniper Jungle, Treasure Island, Foxbusters, The Regular Show, One Piece, Happy Tree Friends, Talespin, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Danger Rangers and more.

Favorite Characters:
Oliver and Boco from TTTE
Bo and Lanolin from Garfield and friends
Gabumon and Terriermon from Digimon
Top Hat from Tugs
Munchy Beaver from PB and J Otter
Charmander from Pokemon
Butters from South Park
The Thompson Twins from Tin Tin
Transfer from Willy Fog
Boss Beaver from Timon and Pumbaa
Mad Dog from Dog City
Jiggers from Iggy Arbuckle
George from Theodore Tugboat
Oskar from Hey Arnold
Kyo from Fruits Basket
Jess Squirrel from Redwall
Rotter Otter from Foxbusters
Chuck from Budgie the Helicopter
Charles and Mambo from Duckman
Toothy and Flaky from the Happy Tree Friends
Sweet Tooth Beaver from Busy World of Richard Scarry
Day Z Kutter from The Terrible Thunderlizards
Elmo the Elk from Eek the Cat
Marlon from Avenger Penguins
Romuald and Burt from Romuald the Reindeer
Toby Turtle and Scruffy Rat from Juniper Jungle
Jane the Fox from Legends of Treasure Island
Rigby Raccoon from the Regular Show
Sully the Seal from Danger Rangers
Parker from Thunderbirds
Sanji and Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece
Rotor the Walrus from Sonic the Hedgehog

Favorite Music: Alot of Dance music particully between 1982 - 2007.

Favorite Bands, Singers and Musicians:
Spice Girls, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Human League, Simple Minds, Take That, Ace of Base, Prodigy, Tina Turner, Gabrielle, Bobby Brown, Shaggy, Louise, Eternal, Chaka Demus and the Pliers, Shara Nelson, Savage Garden, Sister Sledge, Sean Paul, Lily Allen and more.

Favorite Actors and Actresses : Ringo Starr, Micheal Angelis, George Carlin, Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Rik Mayall, Ade Edmundson, Nigel Planer, Jonathan Kydd, Christian Rodska, Arthur Smith, Rob Paulsen, Kath Soucie, Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Julie Higginson, Steve Coogan, Susan Roman, John Stocker, Dan Henessey, Tyrone Savage, Allison Pill, Frank Welker, Julie Payne, Gregg Berger, Tom Wyner, Kirk Thorton, Mona Marshall, Brianne Siddall, Dave Wittenburg, Steven Blum, Derek Stephen Prince, Crispin Freeman, Michael Reisz, Eric Vale, Caitlin Glass and more

Favorite Animals: Beavers, Otters, Squirrels, Foxes, Wolves, Coyotes, Raccoons, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Hedgehogs, Seals, Walruses, Mooses, Deer, Reindeer and more

-----///\-----autisum awarness
---|||---|||---i'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it
-----\///-----put this on your
-----///\----profile if you support
----///--\---or have autism

Current Residence: United Kindom
Favourite genre of music: 90's Music
Favourite style of art: Cartoon or Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Rotor Walrus, Jane the Cat, Oliver the GWR Engine, Boco the Diesel
Does people on DA ever think about pictures of Artwork they would like to see like a certain character (Existing or OC). Doing something that they've never done before.

I would really like to see artwork of Beaver characters taking photos with Old fashioned Camera with dark cloths.

So if you have any thing you would like to see please comment below.


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Acutie Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, Guy. Your request is done: <da:thumb id="5756027692443226" format="200H">
ewan4me Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
I can't see it Properly could you PM me it please?
Acutie Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure. Hold please.
KodyBoy555 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
You should do more pictures of your scuba diving eagle, Edgar.
RonRaccoon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Student Filmographer
Thanks for the watch dude! :D
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Thanks for faving Thomas the tank engine & friends in 12 pains of christmas despie it's not christmas anymore.
KodyBoy555 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Are you going on holiday soon?
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I'm Going to California next week! :D
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Where in California are you going to?
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Somewhere in San Jose where My Mums Partner lives.
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